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Year Client Description
1999 Ringler Associates, Pittsburgh Created a shared Microsoft Access Database used to track structured settlement case information.
2000-2002 Phoenix Business Technologies Co-author of STARS, an internal ticketing and help-desk system. Features included a robust task manager, client/contact manager, HRM system, time sheets / punch cards, reports, and much more. Written in PHP and MySQL.
2000-2004 Turret Steel Industries Maintainer of a complex system that TSI used to manage their steel warehouse and sales. When inherited, this project had an MS ACCESS front-end and MSSQL backend. I support this application, including making changes and improvements, for several years.
2005 National Settlement Consultants Primary author of CTS, a Settlement Tracking System used by NSC to organize all of their cases, allowing coordination between paralegals and brokers to work a case from start to finish. Written in PHP and MySQL, using Symfony 0.63 and upgraded to 1.2.
2005 National Settlement Consultants Data migration in to CTS. Pull data from no fewer than 4 sources, including Microsoft Access databases, Miscrosoft SQL Server, FoxPro. The data spanned several years of cases and was non-uniform and with significant redundencies.
2006 Phoenix Business Technologies Group / Others Wrote a custom Content Management Framework, complete with page editing, file management, menu creation. It was extensible in that it could be used inside of any Symfony 1 project. The CMF was used in several client sites, including
2008 HydroGen LLC Author of Plantsys, an application designed to capture all of the critical measurements for quality control in the HydroGen fuel cell factory. The tool would record, track and produce analysis reports to ensure that all components were being built to exact specifications.
2008 Liberty Dialysis Created a custom application to integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint. The application provided a stand-alone administration section that allowed content to be edited, which was then rendered in SharePoint.
2009 Liberty Dialysis, Phoenix Business Technologies Started development of STARS 2, which was going to be used by both PBTG and LD. Completed new features included wiki markup available in all entries (with standard wiki-linking, version tracking and diff viewer), sub-tickets, and full-text search based on Lucene. This was written with symfony 1 and PHP, but was unfortunately shelved because other projects took priority.
2009 Phoenix Business Technologies Sole Author of Community Crier Online, an alert system marketed to municipalities to reach out to residents. It is an opt-in system that allows residents to receive categorized alerts via SMS, email, or phone. It was written in Symfony 1 and PHP.
2009 Phoenix Business Technologies Created CrierVoice, a supplement system for Community Crier Online to facilitate bulk phone calling. This PHP system performed socket-based communication with Asterisk to place analog and VOIP calls, and included support for text-to-speech or pre-recorded messages.
2011 Phoenix Business Technologies Authored STARS 3 using Symfony 2, PHP, and MySQL. New features included timer-based tracking, to-do lists, and significant organizational and UI improvements. STARS 3 was put into production in the summer of 2011.
2011 Mt. Lebanon, PA Sole developer for the MyLebo Suite of applications, that provide: a community alert system, custom online store, parking ticket payment, permit application and collaboration, and more.
2012 Doctoral dissertation student Created a system for use in a doctoral dissertation for Clinical Psychology that performed a test by flashing images on the screen and recording user feedback. There is a JavaScript/ web client, a stand-alone desktop client written in GTK with the PHP bindings, and a pure JavaScript client that uses HTML5 Local Storage and Backbone.js. All 3 apps synchronize with a central server via a custom API. The server application provides data reports and test management.
2012 Phoenix Business Technologies Began implementation of STARS 4 using Symfony 2. This on-going project is aimed to simplify workflow while at the same time making it more flexible. It is an ambitious where I'm putting all of my 10+ years of experience writing time-tracking systems to use to make something truely unique and special.
2012 Lutheran Service Society Lead developer and project manager for the Meals on Wheels System that handles delivery scheduling and saftey checks. A portion of this project was completed by a group of seniors from Carnegie Mellon University. I mentored these students through their part of the development process.
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